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Facebook whores. We all know at least one of them... Yeah, even you. Perhaps you're even one of them. O.O They are those girls or guys that take that picture, usually of their 'ripped abs even though I haven't been to the gym in a year' or their 'lookie at my DD's;D oh, actually it's becuz of mah pushup bra;*'

You've seen it before, you know you have.
D. Lmao Bryan come look!!! Lauren has a new picture up;P

B. Lol what a facewhore, look at her boobs hanging out of her shirt! xD

D.Here let me comment.....*typing*.



D. Gotta keep the pictures coming lmao
by Jasonsface July 05, 2011
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A person who continuously adds 'friends' to their friends list on Facebook, though many-or-most are actually strangers or simply casual acquaintances, solely for the purpose of appearing popular on Facebook: Face whore!

Note: This person's SOLE interaction with his/her new, so-called 'friends' is: "Thanks for the add."
"I received an FB friend request today from a chic I've never met. She apparently wants to 'know' me, wants me to be number 820!?! What a Face whore!"
by bobbyjaybrown March 16, 2010
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Someone who is addicted to checking their facebook, multiple times a day.
"This is my seventh time checking my facebook today," exclaimed Curran, the facewhore.
by zulu_shaka August 20, 2008
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noun, Facewhore. Someone who goes out to be cool but isnt actually trying (consciously).
Also the former name of the profile social site now known as profilenation. occasionally abbrieviated to 'fw'
(to someone who's cool and likes people to know, but not show that theyre purposely showing it)
"Guh ur such a facewhore"


"You goin on fw?"
"err yeh, oh wait, its down"
by Arsenic_man February 20, 2005
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Someone with a thousand or more friends on facebook. Someone who friended all their graduating class from highschool, the principal, the janitors and their grandmas just so they can feel good about themselves.
OMG, Susan is such a facewhore, last I checked she had like 4000 friends on facebook. Like that's really gonna make up for the fact that no one likes her....
by Troy Vogel February 28, 2011
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A man or woman, not willing to fornicate, but always willing to give oral-sex to it's mate.

A person that will put anyone's genitalia in their mouth.
Jenny might still be a virgin, but she has always been a face whore.
by mmelebois August 30, 2011
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