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the act of shooting someone in the face at point blank range in a first-person shooter (FPS) game. This is usually followed by a thorough tea-bagging for added effect.
"aww, you got face raped bitch!...pwnd!"
by AstraLuna May 21, 2010
when someone forcibly tries to make out with you or kisses you with no warning. Or when someone kisses your whole face instead of just your mouth
Luke: So i heard you made out with Furph on the weekend...

Laurs: NO WAY he totally face raped me! Ew!
by Nikki Sasquatch April 15, 2009
To initiate and/or forcefully kiss someone when you are not sure if they want to kiss you or not. This usually takes place after several cocktails.
Text at 8:00AM after a night out: Sorry about the Face Rape last night. I was pretty drunk!
by Carrieapril August 17, 2010
To make out with someone and not know that someone else is looking, until they yell out "FACE RAPE!!!!!" really loud and then everyone looks at the people making out and they get embarassed.
*couple are making out*
Random Friend: FACE RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*couple get embarassed*
Everyone: *Laughing*
by NielTheFishy October 03, 2009
When a woman shakes her bosoms in someone's face. First used by Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately" on 8-17-09.
Loni Love: I can be on DWTS I do a bad rumba.
Chelsea Handler: First of all, that's not the rumba that's a face rape.
by JBubble August 22, 2009
Didy Kong's side special in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
I was trying to recover from the hit when Diddy came out of nowhere, face raped me, and jumped off my head, leaving me to die.
by JShack August 02, 2008
The act of raping some-ones face, whereby you swipe your hand down their face.

For best results, sneak up on someone from behind, and whilst they are talking...face-rape them :P
Kat: Hi Grant!
Grant: *FACE-RAPE*
Kat: Aghhhh!
by Rebecca Davies March 14, 2008