The same as facepalm, which is used to show frusteration at a certain topic/post. Taken from The Dark Knight scene where the Joker slams a man's head in to a pencil after saying he would show them a magic trick and make the pencil "disappear."
Fool: Hey guys, I never watched Friends. Is it a good show?
Cool guy: .../facepencil
by ryanxwonbin July 23, 2008
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Top Definition
To ram someone's head into a pencil. Often said when you are frustrated or annoyed. A variation of the word facepalm. Stems from a very famous scene in the movie The Dark Knight, when the Joker rams a bouncer's head into pencil.
John: Dude, how do you spell "red"

Evan: *facepencil*
by PETERSON4 August 03, 2008

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