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When someone updates their facebook status, only to get people to comment and "like it." Commenly updated with witty song lyrics, or generic statements like, "Boys suck!"
Wow, this is the tenth time she's updated her facebook status with song lyrics, she's facebook trolling.
by BeefBot April 17, 2010
The act of scrolling through someones "friend list", looking for anyone you know that you can "friend" for yourself.
Kiki: "Hey Fred, you've been on Facebook for an hour now, what are you doing?"

Fred: "Well Kiki, I'm Facebook trolling my buddies to see if there is anyone worth friending."

Kiki: "Fred, you need to get out more often!"

Fred: "Maybe if I find more FB friends, I will!"
by KLNRDH May 02, 2009
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