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The feeling of pride and self-centeredness exhibited when one takes multiple pictures of oneself in the sole purpose of putting a new default of facebook. Also exhibited if the person says things like "SEXY" on their own picture comments. Dead give aways are: (1.) Adding hundreds of random strangers of the opposite sex. (2.) Cussing somebody out on Facebook but not talking to anybody in real life. (3.) Having over 50-75 pictures of themselves, alone, where it was clear they were taking pictures of themselves and have no shame in it. (4.) Updating every single thing they do {I.E. Sittin' on the toilet, ;) haha}
Hold on Doc., before you put me under, I have to update my status to 'Going under the knife LOL.'" "Seriously? You have a major case of Facebook Narcissism.
by ima knock yo teef out June 06, 2010
43 9
Any social media message designed to draw attention to the minutiae in one's life it would not ordinarily merit.
Travis' boisterous comments on the flavor of generic cola brands proved a perfect example of facebook narcissism.
by Travis.The.French October 05, 2010
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