The person who laughs or just generally responds to your facebook status so you dont appear to be unfriended.
FB USER: I am 2 bored.....

FB INSURANCE (seeing no one has responded): whats up buddy?

FB USER: thank god for my facebook insurance

see joke insurance
by babydoll d aka donny velonni December 11, 2009
Top Definition
Similar to joke insurance, facebook insurance is the mutual agreement to like/ comment on a friend's facebook status regardless of what it is, it is usually used to lessen the embarassment of having a really unsuccessful/boring status.

A friend will like/comment on your status, and you return the favour when they post a status, regardless if you have any interest to it.
Sharon is sitting down

*John likes this*

Person 1: Whoa Sharon and John totally have facebook insurance...
Person 2: Totally
by Latem September 01, 2009
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