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When you log on to facebook, the first girl you see that has updated their status, you open up a picture of her and have a wank.
"I had a facebook wank last night!"
"What's that?"
"I logged on, saw Sarah at the top of list opened up a picture of her and had a wank!"
"Sounds good!"
by Jimmy Peters December 21, 2008
When you have a wank over a picture of someone on facebook. Generally frowned upon.
Person 1: I had a facebook wank yesterday.

Person 2: Really? That's pretty creepy.
by AWKY AWK February 21, 2011
When someone writes a very strange status on facebook in order to get attention/comments from other people.
"Hey, look at Jonhnny's status, she says he like to wear makeup and high heels, i think he has been facebook raped"

"nah! that loser just had a facebook wank that is all!"
by The orginal shermantrix October 25, 2009
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