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A guy who's Facebook posts could be that of a girls. This includes the use of excessive smiley faces and other emoticons, and posting all other things that could be considered "gay." Tends to comment a lot, especially on girls' statuses or walls no matter how well he knows them.
Guy 1: Listen to this- "i really love people that lie and try to put you down. they make me smile alot. =)"

Guy 2: What a Facebook queer.
by PlutoAH January 22, 2011
A gay loner who takes everything that is said on facebook literally. Someone who thinks that everyone is talking about them whether or not the comment was posted on the victims wall or the alleged suspect's.
Quit being a facebook queer my life doesn't revolve around your sorry ass. I wasn't talking to your butthurt ass. Go take some Zoloft kiddo.
by The smart bomb April 25, 2010

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