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Knockdown-drag-out arguments that occur over someone's status updates. Typically occurs when one "friend" misinterprets or takes another "friend's" status personally and begins a comment war for all to see and enjoy.

Soon to be a Pay-Per-View event!
Jane Doe: "Ha, I'm weird......ummm ok whatever. I'd like to know WHO thinks posting pictures of your kids and your kids with their so called friends is weird?"

Joe Blow: "Me"

Joe Doe: "What I really think is weird is disrespectful people who think they are all that and so good that they can say whatever they want, reply however they want to someone's posting. Someone needs to realize they are not as good as they think and in fact they are the weird one."

And so on.... for like 30 comments.

Joe Blow: "This Facebook Smackdown has been real fun, but I have to go unfriend you now."
by Original Bliss October 14, 2010
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