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The phenomenon that occurs when a man or a woman changes their relationship status to "single" on Facebook. This can manifest itself in a number of ways which can include "liking" the announcement of said person becoming single, or offering faux consolation in hopes of hooking up with said person on the rebound.

This is not to be confused with people who offer genuine consolation. This is an occurrence associated with people who don't talk to the newly single person much, but are casual acquaintances.

Some have made the contention that the heavier the Facebook pounce (the more people participating in the pounce), the more attractive the person is for purposes of hooking up. There is substantial evidence for this, but it still has yet to be proven.
"What up bro?! You're single! You gonna party now?" - Guy one

"Yeah! I had like 24 girls Facebook pounce me when I changed my status to single!" - Guy 2

"Holy shit! Not bad for a guy." - Guy 1
by Pezhead7474 April 13, 2011

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