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A facebook friend, you may or may not know well, who gives parental advice on every update they read. You think about deleting them as a friend every time you see you have an update from them.

-Mary: Having a bad day; wish I had more money.

-Facebook Parent: Mary I know a great financial planner who could help you. Also my sister in law is a credit counselor I really think you need to learn about money management.

-Mary: Last night was insane I cant even remember his name but I hope I see him again!

-Facebook Parent: Mary you should be careful you could have been killed! What if you end up being pregnant you wont even know who the father is!!
I posted pics of my birthday party on Facebook today and Elisabeth commented that I need to wear clothes that cover more and that I should take some pictures when Im not holding a bottle! She is such a Facebook Parent!
by MaryOnegative February 03, 2010
Parents who make their families seem perfect only social media but in real life they could be really bad parents.
Friend 1: How was New York?
Friend 2: It was the worst week of my life!
Friend 1: Really? Your mom posted a pic with the caption " Best trip ever!"
Friend 2: Well two seconds after the photo was taken my parent got in a fight about what was for lunch. My mom likes to pretend we have a perfect family on facebook.
Friend 1: Well that's shallow.
Friend 2: Yea. They are Facebook Parents
by lovemusic4ever1 July 29, 2014
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