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An event in which somebody nearby had a camera phone, captured a unique and most often embarrassing moment and then promptly uploaded it to their Facebook profile.
Example: Your best friend passed out at a party, so everyone decided to draw pictures on his face and wrap him in saran wrap. Being the good friend that you are, you captured that Facebook Moment by snapping a photo of him on your camera phone and then posted it on your Facebook profile long before your friend woke up.
by MDWWASHERE May 22, 2010
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Moments that are so insanely random, retarded, original, stupid that they are epic.
Therefore, making them Facebook material.
Facebook Moments
by thegoodleftundone June 18, 2011
A moment in life or on webcam that something funny or interesting happens to a friend or lover that you feel all your facebook friends NEED to know. (ie. embarrassing moment, accident, personal matters) That you post on your wall on Facebook
I made a faceplant last week and my bestfriend decided it was a facebook moment. Now people make fun of me for it!

My girlfriend did a booby dance last night. It was a total Facebook moment!
by Sinkid` January 03, 2011

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