A polite way of saying no.
Derived from the option of 'maybe' when RSVP-ing to an event on facebook.
That cute girl from history invited me to her little sister's diabetes fundraiser, so I gave her a facebook maybe.
by K.SO November 08, 2009
Top Definition
Can be defined as a way of letting the Facebook event's organizer know that you will attend the event if you got fuck all to do.
Jebediah: "Yo bromosapiens! This hot gurl invited me to her Bar Mitzvah on Facebook."
Demarcus: "Greetings, Jebediah! Sounds lovely, will you attend?"
Jebediah: "I dunno man, it's not like I got anythin' swagger to do, u feel me?"
Demarcus: "I suppose an adequate response to the invitation would thusly be a Facebook Maybe"
Jebediah: "DAS RITE"
by Brobi Wan KenoBro May 19, 2016
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