When you jokingly ask a friend to marry you on facebook. Or when your gf/bf wants to have that up instead that you to are in a relationship.
You:Dude last night things got kinda serious with my girlfriend!
Friend: Why, what happened?
You: She asked me to facebook marry her!
by Philup_J_Fry September 10, 2009
Top Definition
When someone on facebook sends you a marriage Request just for the fun of it.
Amy - "Did you see that Lauren is married to Adam?"
Hannah - "Oh no, she just decided to Facebook Marry him."
Amy - "Oh ok, i was worried for a second."
by Evandawg95 June 11, 2009
1. Adding your Spouse on Facebook as "Married"
2. Adding your boyfriend or girlfriend on facebook as "married" instead of "in a relationship with", popular with younger users.
3. Making your relationship status on facebook married to a close friend, or as a dare.
1. I need to facebook marry my wife on facebook, she just made one.
2. Joe and Kim got married?!?! What did I miss?

Nah dude, they're just facebook married.
3. My boyfriend broke up with me, marry be on facebook pretty please =)
3rd Person to like this status I will marry on facebook!
by facebookmarriagecounseler March 22, 2011
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