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Goodness, I don't even know. I suppose hashtags actually have a purpose on other social networks, but definitely not on facebook. However, you'll still see whores putting hashtags on fucking everything.

A hashtag is simply a word following a # symbol. It can be whatever you please, but definitely doesn't have to relate to your post AT ALL. So, if you've come to find what a hashtag is, don't even bother. Just hashtag your shit like this, but on facebook it's not going to do a thing.
duckface photo with beverage in hand

So here I am at #starbucks #withtheboo getting my favorite #caramellatte on my #freeperiod. #lovethisbitchtopeices #yolo #juntinbeiber #1dforever. #facebook hashtags for life!
by person superior to hashtaggers November 15, 2012
A Facebook Hashtag is seemingly pointless as a hashtag used on Facebook doesn't fulfill the typical function of the metadata tag. In all reality, it is a delightful little tool that is used to annoy and troll the masses-- most commonly those of the Stanley kin.
(Facebook Hashtag)


by xx2112xx May 25, 2013
The leech of society. Because Facebook doesn't have a word limit, so you can hashtag abuse in your Facebook novel and lose all respect from your friends.
Your Facebook Hashtags. I hate them.
by S.102 August 20, 2014
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