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Adjective for People who Intertwine and wrap their lives around the phenomena called Facebook. Typically these people engage in political rants, post pictures of themselves as if they were fashion models or icons. They also suffer from certain delusions that they are really affecting the world through their posts on Facebook. They can be categorized as narcissistic, egomaniacal, and believing that ALL of their socialization on Facebook is completely healthy. Usually they check in 10 -12 Hours a day but it can be less. However the situation, these individual believe its healthy to socialize through a computer ALL day, instead of having a life away from Facebook.
That girl spent 14 hours on Facebook without washing her azz , that is unhealthy, She gotta be FACEBOOK FABULOUS
#facebook addict #plugged in #zombie #mark zuckerburg's bitch #moron.
by Duke1220 September 04, 2013
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