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When someone posts something to their facebook status and a thread evolves from it that escalates the status until commenters feel it necessary to seek out the poster by other means such as IM or even phone call.
Status Update: Girl 1 is 7 days in, and not looking back! :+).

Guy 1: ???
Girl 2: ???
Girl 2: haha...Guy 1 and I posted the same thing at the exact same time....Freaky!
Guy 1: I know, right? I barely hit enter when I got an email saying "Girl 2 also posted a comment"
Girl 2: Freaky! Great minds think alike! : )
Guy 1: Now if only Girl 1 was as fast to respond if we were :p
Girl 2: Maybe sometime next week we'll get a response :P 
Guy 1: A week? I don't have that kind of time!! Maybe I should call her?
Girl 2: Yeah, she might get back to you by Friday if you do that! Lol
Guy 1: I got ahold of her on IM! She claims she'll come respond!
Guy 1: This has become a classic case of Facebook Escalation!
by Andreyl November 24, 2008
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