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Facebook Entourage (or FBE): refers to the small group of people, usually 1-4, who consistently comment on one's Facebook status update. They are also usually the ONLY people that comment on this person's status update.

Like a celebrity entourage, one's Facebook Entourage validates the original posters status update and makes them feel popular and heard.
Example 1

John: What's up with Katie updating her Facebook 5 times a day with bullshit!?

Jill: It's her damn Facebook Entourage! They comment within minutes! They're enablers!

Example 2

Katie: Is it 5 o'clock yet!? I need a drink!
Frannie, Betty, and Elaine like this comment.
Frannie: Hang in there grrl! (sic)
Betty: Go to Emirls (sic) after work we are making mimosas!
Elaine: your (sic) the best Katie!!!
Katie: @ Betty - YAYYYY!!!! I love mimosas!! @Elaine - No, YOUR (sic) THE BEST!!! I LOVE YOU, BFFFFFFF!!!!
by DCM2 March 29, 2010

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