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When someone makes a post on Facebook and you and another friend (the double teamers) both comment on the post in order to make fun of the original post. The comments almost always end in smiley faces to express sarcastic joy or happiness. The comments need to be made close together time-wise and should convey a similar message.

This is often used when a couple are getting too lovey dovey on Facebook and you want to ruin the moment and make it awkward for both of them. It is best to use it when the couple just like each other and aren't going out yet. Use it then for optimum awkwardness. Facebook double teaming is also used to make fun of a dude who is whipped by his girl. Whit-cheee

It can also be used to argue and make fun of people who make stupids posts or statuses.
boy posts on girl's wall: Hey you, I can't wait for Friday night! Going out to the movies with you is my favorite! Mwah!

comment by Facebook Double Team: You two are so cute!!! ;) :)

comment by other Facebook Double Teamer: You lovebirds are meant for each other! =)

girl posts on boy's wall: Hey what did you get on the science test?? I was just wondering since you stayed up to study so late lol.

comment by double teamer: Get Some! =) =)

comment by other double teamer: These two should be a couple they are so adorable together! ;)

status by idiot: ed thomas convicted send him to texas too die

comment by double teamer: nice one ed thomas was murdered. mark becker was convicted

comment by other double teamer: ur such an idiot. classic "enter name"
by WOSH & BASS March 27, 2010
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