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Form of democracy where public participation is limited to Facebook group membership.
Facebook Democracy is on the verge of overthrowing Chain-Mail Petition Democracy in Canada (1)(2)(3).

(1): By 2012, the elections participation rate is predicted to drop below 50% at almost all levels (Municipal, Provincial and Federal), effectively dismissing Representative Democracy as the ruling system in Canada.

(2): probably due to weather conditions, and with the notable exceptions of the Critical Mass, of the World Naked Bike Ride, and of the Zombie Walk, demonstrations are virtually non-existent in most provinces.

(3): possibly with regard to the well-documented ineffectiveness of legitimate petitions, the Canadians MPs have started refusing to acknowledge their reception. Ref :, Vancouver, occupiers-saxton-office-avoid-jail-time : “We were forced to submit this petition by sliding it through a mail slot in the back of Parliament”

>> "Axe the BC Gas Tax" : against the BC Carbon tax.
>> "Stop Gateway" : against the Gateway Project in BC.
>> "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament" : against Harper's last move
by Blues Buster January 08, 2010
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