The phenomenon where a Facebook user temporarily loses control of his or her brain function as a result of (or leading to) an endless loop of reading status updates and trolling through profile pages. Often occurs as a result of procrastination or boredom.
Oh, no! What time is it? I must have been in a Facebook Coma. The last thing I remember was signing on...
by brifrye June 02, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who is always on Facebook and neglects thier job or family.

A person whose only social interaction with other people is through Facebook.
"Kim is constanly on Facebook at work and refuses to do her job. We need to get her out of her Facebook coma."

"Stu is hanging at home tonight and talking with his 'Facebook Friends' and not going out with us. He is in a Facebook coma."
by Stu Mueller December 02, 2009
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