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When two people would like to add each other as friends, but don't want to be the ones who make the friend invitation. This puts them in a game of Facebook Chicken, where they wait until the first person gives in to making the first add invitation.
A: "Check out the pictures of Jenny in the 80s party, it's hilarious!"
B: "Uhh, I have to view it through John, right?"
A: "Yea, your his friend, right?"
B: "Eh, we are still playing Facebook Chicken."
A: "Serious? We've known him for 2 years!"
B: "Yea, but then he'll think I want to be his friend."
A: "But you do!"
B: "I know, but I want him to be the first to ask me, it's complicated ok!"
by A3DFX May 05, 2008
Staying on facebook for an extended period of time waiting for a specific person to facebook chat you. The first person to get off or to facebook chat the other is officially the loser.
Guy 1: Hey man, what did you do last night?

Guy 2: Me and Janice played facebook chicken for 5 hours

Guy 1: Oh, who won

Guy 2: I did, she finally sent me a message. It said 'fuck you'.
by the adambomb October 19, 2009
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