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A person who hacks into other people's facebooks and changes their statuses to, ususally, something highly inappropriate or embarrassing. When the victims realize what has happened it's usually too late. They find a copious amount of responses from other users of the site to further the embarrassment. Most of the time the identity of the hijacker is never revealed so the victims suffering from the attacks are always on their guard but constantly being attacked. They have to hide their phones & computers, and change their passwords but somehow can never outrun the wrath of the ruthless.
Dalila: OMG! did you read my latest post? It says I have 'mudd butt and bubble guts!' I'm so embarrassed.

Cliff: Well, what do you expect? You left your phone unattended and it was hijacked by a Facebook Bin Laden! It's probably Holley again...

Dalila: I need a beer.
by Matt (Ghandi) Palmer September 30, 2010
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