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Pronounced: Facebook NO-tification

1. Takes place when one is excited about having one or more facebook notifications but soon finds that they are all irrelevant or unexciting.

NOtifications are: invites to out-of-state parties, options to support causes one does not care about, comments and 'likes' from strangers, when a friend request is accepted, invites to lost cell phone events where you have no intention of sharing your number.

2. A NOtification can also take place when one receives a notification for a wall-post, photo comment (etc.) that no longer exists.

3. When facebook will not recognize that a notification has already been checked, resulting in one believing they have a new notification when it is in fact old.
Jill: "If I get one more facebook (No)tification about Courtney's graduation party, I'm going to leave the event."

Vicky: "Every time I log in to I think I have a new notification but it's always the same facebook (No)tification about that creep commenting on my profile picture."

Jill: "I totally thought that cute guy Jack wrote on my wall, but there's nothing there."
Vicky: "That's called a facebook (NO)tification"
#synonyms: disappointment #tragic tags: facebook #anticipation #misspelling: notification #antonym: awesome
by jv club August 05, 2011
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