To get someone with a Facebook account to send someone else on Facebook a message on your behalf.
I facemaced Jessica via Debbie, to tell her not to forget the chicken tonight, and that I couldn't text her because I'd lost my phone in a drunken brawl (and because I refuse to be on Facebook).
by dizzlemcnuc January 22, 2009
Top Definition
1. to post an angry or hateful message to a persons "wall" on Facebook.

1. An angry or hateful comment on a persons Facebook "wall".
1. Please do not ever Face Mace me again or I'm going to report this abuse to the web master.
2. I can't believe i just got Face Maced!

1. "I just saw the brutal Face Mace Becky left on my wall. The shame I feel is epic."
by Miss Viv April 20, 2010
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