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A fat woman who has learned to satisfy men by using her mouth instead of her body. She often performs oral sex to the male organ, surrounding area or anus (tossed salad) to satisfy any lover she can obtain.
Buddy #1: "Why is that guy with that disgustingly obese woman? He could get and keep someone a lot more attractive to impress his friends and family."

Buddy # 2: "He likes his salad tossed, hot women don't usually do that and they are a lot of work to please.. so he prefers his Face Queen."
by newfie2 November 25, 2011
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A man that gives oral sex to another man.
by Sweet Mattie August 01, 2006
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A gay man who appreciates the gorgeous face of another.
That bitch, Greg, is a total face queen. You'd better have good face to talk to her.
by Gadfly82 June 19, 2011
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