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A combination of “fabulous retard” referring to a female who thinks of herself as "fabulous" when really she is a pitiful waste of flesh only interested in being around other fabutards who tell her she is “fabulous” who she must tell they are fabulous so they can all be fabulous together in their fantasy world where they have convinced themselves that they aren’t the painfully selfish, self-centered, vain, narcissistic, deluded, egomaniacal, unintelligent losers they are in the real world.
Morgan used to be a great friend but recently she has turned into a fabutard.
by BridgetsBoy November 25, 2008
1) A person, typically female, who thinks of themself as 'fabulous' when in fact they are retarded.

2) A person who regularly uses the word 'fabulous' about themself or their friends.

3) A useless female who spends more time on how she looks than anything else in her life because she believes that how she looks outside will fix how she feels inside.
Look at that group of fabutards over there.
by Jaysin V. December 03, 2008
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