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The sequel to the Xbox 360 game Fable II
Have you heard, Fable 3 comes out in 2010?
by JMH01 August 20, 2009
1. Those who haven't been introduced to Fable are lured to it by lying Game Stop people telling you it's a great game and it's a huge improvement on the first two games. You spend 35$ or more on a "done in 10 hours" piece of shit with a hastily thrown together story and only slightly better character design than the second.

2. A game only fun during those angry times where you feel the urge to go on a mass murdering spree and piss people off.

3. Don't buy it.
1. "Hey I just bought Fable 3! I'm so excited to play it!" 1 day later "FFFFFFFFFFFF-"
2. "After Fable 2, I wouldn't buy it unless they paid me."
by ThatDamnedUnicorn August 13, 2011

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