One of a long list of phrases commonly exclaimed by any educated person who finds himself within earshot of members of the libertarian cult. This response is frequently provoked by hearing idiotic phrases such as "the magic of the free market."
Libertarian retard: "If we just do away with government regulation of the economy, the magic of the free market is going to turn all pedophiles into harmless ponies!"

Normal person: "FYLR!"
by USAm1776 January 24, 2011
Top Definition
Initialism for "FUCK YEAH LEW ROCKWELL!"

An exclamation of delight at some wondrous gift bestowed upon the world by the magic of the free market, or triumph at the erosion of some bullshit government department or program, in the form of a winking, semi-serious attribution to the ongoing efforts of heroic libertarian educator and advocate Lew Rockwell.

Alternatively, an informal pseudonym to be used when making adoring reference to Lew.

More generally, an exclamation in celebration of any occasion of total overwhelming pwnage, such as Lew consistently delivers.

Properly used with exclamation point, no matter where found in a sentence.
FYLR! is gonna be interviewed on Colbert next week, FYLR!!!!!
by NOK~NOK~NOK~NOK December 08, 2010
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