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FURM LIFE was started and created by Chris Furmage and Corey Furmage. FURM came from the first four letters of our last name.

The word "firm" means:
Strong and sure. Marked by firm determination or resolution. Having determination or strength. Established.

Overall, FURM LIFE is about living a strong and sure life. Staying true to yourself. Staying positive. Being strong and determined. Not letting anyone or anything take away your joy in life.
The acronym was also from us, FURM LIFE


It seems like someone else is putting wrong information.
by Big Furm December 06, 2010
F = F*ck
U = You
R = Remember
M = Me

L = Love
I = Is
F = For
E = Everyone

Originated from the raving world as a branch off of PLUR. Means simply i don't care what you think of me, you will still remember me, and that everyone deserves to feel love. Said to be founded at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) 2008 by Benny Benassi when at the end of his set yelled it too the crowd.
Antagonizer - "You are an E-Tard why dont you go roll balls !!"

Raver -"FURM LIFE man, im sorry you have so much hate.."
by DJ AM in the PM June 09, 2010
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