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1) A forum moderator who preemptively flames himself to remove the fun of others doing so
2) One of the moderators of Newgrounds.com
3) A man with a monstrously large penis; the penultimate of manliness
4) A russian potato dish made with Russian dressing, butter, salt and pepper, made by roasting a potato in a wood fire.
1 Damnit! I can't believe he pulled a FUNKbrs! Now I can't flame him!
2 I just got banned by FUNKbrs.
3 Ron Jeremy is a FUNKbrs.
4 Let me get you a napkin, you've got a little FUNKbrs on your chin
by Not FUNKbrs November 25, 2004
Updated definition: Someone who is knowledgable about Spaceballs, and is consequently THE MAN
Man, I love spaceballs, I must be FUNKbrs!
by Evark November 25, 2004