Heard emitting from the mouths of Mafioso chiefs after they've been to a dental or oral surgery appointment. The muddled Mafia mouth is caused by anesthetics' side effects, which result in the bosses not giving a rat's ass about their underlings' petty dilemmas.
"Fud-did aboud id!" said The Godfather after he had a root canal.
by Willie Gee April 12, 2008
Food in scotland......
"I like to eat fud"
"My favourite fud is haggis"
"No, I didnt say foot, I said fud"
by Grand Nasal April 12, 2008
Acronym for "Fat Upper Dick Section"; the roll of fat one develops above the dick, below the gut. Often wedged into tight pants due to the fact that the owner of a FUDS doesn't realize how rapidly fat they're becoming. Commonly seen in men who disregard their health entirely. See also fupaand gunt.
The boss is so fat, I don't know how he gets his FUDS to fit into those jeans. His zipper looks like it's about to give way!

Brian actually had to lift up his FUDS in order to fuck his unsatisfied wife.

The stripper had no issue with sitting on his FUDS as long as he had twenties and didn't lick her ass.
by Andgorifo December 13, 2007
Fucked up Dude-Some one who ain't all there
Man, that Brian got drunk and went berserk last night. He's a real FUD!
by Shoeth April 12, 2008
One day a *llama warrior found some moose poop. He found that it could be molded into any shape and dyed. So he molded it into this cylinder, small candy shape and died it more brown. He sold this on the domestic market as tootsie rolls! But he still named it fud.
He also used this to make cafeteria fud. (Pronounced food). This is where cafeteria food comes from. FUD! (never eat cafeteria food, ever again!)

*Llama warrior is a llama that fights to protect cheese
**Mose poop=moose poop
1. Fud is also known as tootsie rolls. Yuck!
2. Our cafeteria food in the schools we know are made of fud. Double Yuck!
by jjjnmk April 13, 2008
Fat, Ugly, Dependent. A term used in the military to describe the fat, ugly dependent(spouse or child) of a member of the armed services.
Dude, did you see the FUD with Sgt Smith? I thought he could do better than that.
by JimmyDee October 05, 2006
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