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A fucking retard whom you have unknowingly invited to stay with you out of pity and/or the chance to get laid and/or because they own a full sized washer and dryer combo, and it turns out that instead of being empathetic and acknowleging that you have done them a favor for pulling their redneck ass out of the fucking gutter, they proceed to make your very existence on this planet a living fucking fuckball hell....see example.
You asscock fuckball shitfuck. When the hell are you going to do the fucking dishes you dirtied two months ago? You are the biggest FUCKBALL ROOMATE I have ever had, you slackjawed redneck donkey. Pack your fucking banjo and get the fuck out of my apartment you no-tooth retard chigger. Get the fuck out.
by Fighterjock January 10, 2007

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