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The name says it all. A very upstanding compassionate conservative who loves all humans. Can't you tell by the name?
I is FUCK OFF AND "DIE" LIBERALS, and I is so nice that I want you to die.
by FUCK OFF AND "DIE" LIBERALS April 14, 2005
1. Another loving compassionate conservative, based soley on its name.

2. A redneck lunatic freak from Donkeyrape, Arkansas. Needs to have his Republicanazi ass sent over to Iraq where he can do some good.

3. Another reason why abortion is sometimes a good thing
Ding dang it Bubba, I done tode yall not ta listen ta that thar FUCK OFF AND "DIE" LIBERALS. He's just a ding dang asstroll.
Source: Dr. Truth, Mar 31, 2005"

^^Bill "Bubba" Clinton is the pigfucker from Arkansas.You probably are too you Nazi,hick sonofabitch!!
You're married to your brother or sister aren't you asswipe? Probably a card carrying member of NAMBLA,the KKK and the ACLU aren't you,Nazi?
by fuck off April 07, 2005
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