FUBU is an acronym that stands for For Us By Us; however, it's not meant to be racist. In an interview, it was said that growing up as inner-city kids, they thought only inner-city kids liked to wear Timbs and such. Not racism. Still...FUBU sucks.
FUBU sucks. Mmkay. ...'Cause shotgun bullets is bad fah yea' health.
by renato June 08, 2005
A non-feminine gay bottom in prison (usually a gangbanger).
A fubu is a non-fem prison bitch. "Looks like that fubu wants a bufu!"
by Hal Halloway March 16, 2010
A Pinoy slang for "Fuck Buddy"
In Filipino:

Pare may bago akong FuBu,shit anlibog parang nympho.

In English:

Dude,I have a new FuBu,shit shes so horny like a nypho.
by The new high March 23, 2007
good acronym for fuck buddy a.k.a. friends with benefits
She is not my girlfriend. We are better off as FUBU.
by Rey Del Rosario October 26, 2006
Farmers Used to Beat Us
FUBU...Apparently a complete idiot decided to start a clothing company referrig to slavery, which ironically appeals moslty to african americans.
by Wanna Suck My Balls? October 23, 2006
FUBU "For US by Us"
FUBU whether it refers to Us being the African Americans, Us as the entrepreneurs,or US as the young and successful people we are. A clothing line for all walks of life that can walk and talk the Hip Hop culture.
by Summer March 31, 2004
A wild, large animal normally characterized by its astounding obesity. This creature can be found roaming hardcore shows in the Maryland area. Beware, as Fubu can be easily moved to violence.

The god and overlord of hardcore shows. The religion that santifies Fubu is known as Fubutology, and is followed by fubites.
Fubu threw a fubite across the room at Regan.
by Fubites #1 and #2 July 18, 2008

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