FTC (texting short hand phrase) for Fuck This Class.
Used when expressing anger towards a teacher of the whole class.
Mrs. BlahBlah - "Turn in your Essays"
Tina - "I don't like this class"
Stephano - "Me neither"
Guenave - "FTC!"
by MissCin101 February 02, 2013
Top Definition
noun, an acronym standing for: favorite, thumbs up and comment. Initiated by Shay Carl in December of 2010 on his youtube channel "shaytards"
ok guys don't forget to FTC my video!
by maemouse107 December 25, 2010
Stands for "Flops to Complete"
Yo man what did u get in ur sociology class
by mike james bitch July 18, 2006
Abbreviation for "for the chart". It refers to a hook up that occurred between 2+ people for the sole purpose of making a connection on one's hook up chart. A hook up chart is a web connecting all the people one knows that have hooked up with each other. Attractive people or hilarious characters would be good for the chart (GFC), and the ugly and unpopular would be bad for the chart (BFC). The goal of doing things FTC is to out-whore one's friends and try in vain to boost one's self-esteem.
"Why did you hook up with him? He's in his 40s, you met him from the internet, and he may have a disease"
"Eh, I did it FTC"

"I made so many connections FTC last night that my pen ran out of ink from updating my personal chart."

"I had a three-way kiss with my gay best friend and a sexually ambiguous Latino FTC"
by Cat Baker July 07, 2009
FTC stands for For the City or Fuck the Cops. Its a skateshop in San Francisco, Sacramento and Tokyo. The one in San Fran has a good ass team wit kids like Dre Smith and Lil Jon. Fuckin rival shop is DLXSF which is a shit shop where pussys go. Lotsa famous skaters go to FTC like Stevie Williams on DGK, P-Rod on Plan B, and Mike york formerly on Choclate but now on his own team Turf. They got hella nice people like Ando who'll hook you up if you got trouble. All in all fuckin awesome shit.
Shaun: Yo man you been to FTC lately?
Sam: Yee man they had these new fuckin turf decks. awesome as hell.
Shaun: Yea man? thats the shit.
by FTC Shaun November 06, 2007
Federal Trade Commission
The FTC is a US agency that fights identity theft, business fraud, debt collection harassment, and such.
by DPST TMPST March 29, 2011
FTCS: Fuck Those Cock Suckers. A generic acronym that can be used in the presence of both language and sexual preference sensitive people, without offending.
The bank turned me down for a loan, so I said FTCS and took my business elsewhere.
by bubba8704 September 29, 2011
Abbreviation of For The Crack. Means doing it for no reason but for the hell of it.
Somone throws a pub sign off a bus stop
Man: Oi! Why'd you just do that!?
Other man: I dunno... FTC?
by Greywyne September 28, 2009
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