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Fish Smell level, in the vaginal sense of the word fish.
Man, you'd never believe the FSL on that ho.
by Rox February 08, 2004
Fuck, Suck, Lick. Perfect acronym to avoid sounding like a douche.
"Bruh, my girl just invited me over to her house and told me her parents aren't home."
"Bruh, she wants the FSL treatment."
by RebelDroomzyD January 31, 2015
Short for 'Fantasy Slut League' - similar to a Fantasy Football League except you draft real people and are awarded points for 'documented' sexual encounters with them. Frequently organized by high school males without informing the female draftees.
League Member: I had a three-way with two of my draft picks this weekend. *shows phone pic*
League Commissioner: Encounter is validated and I award you +24 points, making you the FSL points leader.
by White_Rob October 23, 2012
for-shit-legit: seriously, for real
Dude, I fsl lost a pint of blood when I fell off that half pipe
by streetlights June 26, 2014
Fo Sho Love ayndrome. It is when someone is uber in love with someone else and they r like "i do love u fo sho!"
Girl: my dad says its puppy love
Guy: no its not its FSLS!
by Lolerskates2244454 June 07, 2009
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