A male stripper for some kinda gay club thats into BDSM domination and hes the one being dominated.
I feel like dominating the shit out of something, send in the fryboy.
by muneyounit September 21, 2008
Top Definition
A boy who is thoughtful and caring. He is able to be there when every other boy is off with some desperate chick. He brings out the best in you. When it seems like he doesn't care, he really does, but he is kind of bad at showing his feelings.

**Everyone wants a fry boy. It's hard to get one, but you may just finds your's in the STRANGEST way!! :)
Girl #1: I'm never going to find a guy. I'm just not pretty enough.
Fry Boy: Hey, you are perfectly you! *Hands you some cheese fries*
Girl #2: why are you so happy and where'd you get those cheese fries?
Girl #1: My fry boy... <3
by forever.love January 10, 2015
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