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when you get everything - parties, food, drinks, hair, makeup, clothing, travel, etc - for free because you know all the right people, key words and hook-ups, and because you're a hustler. if you fall in this category you transcend the traditional "V.I.P." title. There's very important people and then there's FREE.I.P - the ones who have figured out how to get all the same benefits through various hustling methods. also known as the inner circle, elite hustlers, hooked up crew, those in the know, and the promoter's best friend. for more info go to the author is the founder and quintessential example of FREE.I.P.
"I'm so broke I can't go out tonight".
"Don't trip, we FREE.I.P homie!"

"How did you get your hair cut and dyed 4 times this month?"
"I'm a model for the salon training institute. Straight FREE.I.P. baby!"
by FREE.I.P for life August 30, 2009
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