Fresh off the Plane.
A foreigner who came to America by plane.
"My mom came here by plane, but she didn't know any english when she came. She was FOP."
by Diep January 18, 2008
(1) Midwest slang, originating from Michigan referring to Ohio residents as Fuckin' Ohio People. Similar to the midwest slang FIP (Fuckin' Illinois / Indiana People)
(2) Imbred hillbillies, which is what Ohio people are.
(3) A bad Ohio driver
That FOP cut me off on the way to the Horseshoe.
by Joseph M. August 26, 2007
F.O.P. is a Fat Old Pussy
Look at that F.O.P. over at the Mickey D's drive through
by Jimbo Bennigans June 28, 2006
Sir Percy Blakeney, the KING of fops.
Percy masquerades as a fop to fool people.
by drunken_cynic February 19, 2005
Fat Overweight Penis. When a mans pelvic mound grows as he gets fatter thus making the penis smaller in length.
He'd be better in bed if he didn't have that FOP.
by SModfan December 14, 2007
F.O.P. means Freash Off the Plane
a derogatory term for people who are immigrants to a country
That muslim is such a F.O.P.
by word_master November 23, 2005
fag on parade.
that guy is a f.o.p.
by jessae February 20, 2004

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