Acronym for internet conversations meaning Fall over laughing.
FOL, I just now noticed you two look the same.
by Wings of a Dream January 17, 2006
Acronym for internet conversations meaning Fart Out Loud.
- Woa, it smells bad here..
- Yeah, FOL!
by dcee October 19, 2003
Froth Out Loud

(see frothing)
Tim: dude, I'll email you that pic of the chick I met yesterday.
*email sends*
Nathan: FOL, what a babe.
by -Lettuce March 17, 2010
A hybrid of the famous chat room acronyms, "LOL" and "FML". The letter "F" represents the word, "Fuck", "O" representing "Out" and "L" meaning "Loud". It means that one would say the word, "Fuck", well, out loud.
When Jeremy wrote "I can''t wait for tonight, Sweet-Tits!" on his girlfriend's friend's myspace page, whom he is banging, and not on his girlfriend's myspace page, whom he is supposed to be exclusively banging, he FOL'ed.
by Nakedmaggy November 19, 2009
Short for "Fell Offline" to explain your disappearence from a net conversation after internet connection drops.
Shit, fol. fucking One.Tel and their cheap internet service...
by CryingShadow March 18, 2005
Fail Out Loud.
not having an example for this FOL's.
by sixxismetal July 21, 2009
Fact Of Life.... if some thing is the truth!
she is HOT....
by G dowg February 03, 2010

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