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1. Acronym for Fucked Over EXTREME. Said only in the most extreme of circumstances by urban dwelling youths.
Yo, brotha? Didja read the Journal last night? With the increase of interest rates in this bear market, the Dow Jones 'dustrial is FOE! Word.
by toll mastah May 17, 2007
20 39
An enemy.
Guard: "Ho there! Be ye friend or foe?"
Adventurer: "Uh.....Foe."
Guard: "Then begone with thee! I'll not let ye in!"
Adventurer: "No, wait...!"
Guard: "Ho there! Be ye friend or foe?"
Adventurer: "I was just....Friend."
Guard: "I don't know if ye are telling the truth, but I'll let ye in anyway."
Adventurer: "Thanks....moron."
by Kenthar April 22, 2004
319 95
Family Over Everything
F.O.E nuff said
by thechanmann89 February 08, 2011
75 20
1:A 4-Corner Huslter (a Gang Member related 2 da bloodz and vice lordz)

2:A Number instead of sayin for or four

3: An rival; enemy
1:datz my foe nicca

2:It'z foe her not me; itz foe o'clock

3: he is my foe;
by yo_wifey14 July 19, 2006
133 82
Family Over Everything
all my family has F.O.E. tatted on their arms
by Dat Nigga Horse July 13, 2006
49 18
Foedus Obrepit Errabundus, Latin for "the vile, wandering one sneaks up." Often used for ex's.
"Chuck, get down! FOE!"
"Does she still have that armhair?"
by toll mastah May 18, 2007
105 75
1) Not to be confused with foe, FOE is an acronym to describe that type of enemy in a video game that is too strong to be fair and often winds up killing you when you encounter it. (Fucking Overpowered Enemy).

2) Title of a song in a video by Iosys. Now found on Youtube!
1) Player 1: Hey, look, there's an enemy all alone out here!

Player 2: Wait, wait! I've fought that thing before. It's a total FOE. Let's sneak past it and hope a fight doesn't start.

2) Has its own definition, F O E!
by Miss Blu Rose January 13, 2011
49 34
Stands for foot odor, used to describe a woman wearing open sandals, flip flops, open house slippers and her feet having a bad odor.
Her feet smell vile. She's a FOE.
by SweetCupcake May 21, 2013
11 8