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The tendency to jump on someone new who is decently attractive, or just a member of the opposite sex, upon their entrance or introduction. FMS is found in both genders but much more prevalent in males, those with it can easily be spotted in internet chatrooms, forums, bars and/or any type of group gathering scene.
Upon the entrance of a new female into a chatroom, suddenly all the idle male chatters begin chatting with her. Trying to score brownie points with her by pretending to be concerned or interested in what she has to say.
by Anghang May 05, 2004
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5 Words related to FMS (aka Fresh Meat Syndrome)
been the newest person to enter a jail, and all the other innmates are after you
mum: "billy got sent to jail, turns out he had FMS (aka Fresh Meat Syndrome)"
dad: "did he wake up with a bleeding asshole?"

by chickensoup64 May 22, 2006

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