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Initialism for "Putting your Football Manager achievements on your CV", a popular Facebook page with over 42,000 likes. Famous for: large scale trolls such as the death of Harry Styles, the cult status of Gangneung City FC and striker Wang Haibo as well as its three legendary admins Mike, Phil and Soap.
Dude, did you see that Justin Bieber has come out of the closet?

It was just a troll.

How do you know that?

I was part of it - it was organised by FMCV
by hughdini July 27, 2012
A popular facebook page with over 42,000 likes, with 2 top admins in Mike and Phil.

And one faggot admin in Soap.

They're known for large trolls organised by the low-life Soap. Which have actually done well, and is probably the only accomplishments Soap has done in his life.
Girl: Whose a good person to talk about Football Manager too?

Boy: FMCV, a facebook page also known as, "Putting your Football Manager achievements on your CV?"

Girl: Are they cool?

Boy: Two of them are, Mike and Phil, one is a dickhead known as Soap.
by ilovefm September 01, 2012
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