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This a comedian who is on youtube and is HIGHlarious. His catch phrase is "Hey whats up" and he talks about alot of different bizarre stories
Hey what are you doing after school, because Im going to watch FLuffee Talks.
by FLuffe Talks Fan May 07, 2009
A "talk show" on YouTube. FLuffee usually talks about bizarre stories and it is always hilarious! He does cuss a lot though. His catch phrase is: "Hey! What's up?"
"Tricycle Drive-bys", "Suicidal Ninja", "11 Year-Old Mom", "Deja Vu", "Have you laid her?", "6 Year-Old with Pot", are just SOME examples of his videos. There are A LOT more!! Watch FLuffee Talks!
by carrots823 April 21, 2011
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