1.) someone who is a MAJOR flirt but not quite a slut, usually a girl. Will often wear skanky clothes, flirt with tons of guys at once and "steal" boys from their friends or other girls.

2.) a flirty and/or bitchy person. Once again, usually a girl.
God, did you hear about what happened with Brandon and Shannon? She is such a f-ing flut.
by Jynxed October 27, 2009
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A common word used to describe a scene, especially in fanfiction or roleplay, that combines fluff and smut--aka, sappy and cute emotional scene that includes with sexual content.
Yea, I rped some flut with her yesterday! Our characters FINALLY slept together! <3
by Dotted Line July 14, 2005
A Slutty Band Geek Who Plays The Flute
Every One Is Hooking Up With That Flut.
by Trinico5521 July 06, 2010
by JJJAAAKKKEEE August 10, 2009
A new friend whom you kindly introduce to your friends and they ditch you straight away and totally steal your friends. Suddenly they are the coolest kid on the block and no-one remembers you.

Derived from social butterfly.
oh she is such a flut!" "I met her two weeks ago and now she's totally flutting it up with the friend group
by nigel nofriends January 17, 2011
1. Someone who claims to be a slut for food or a food slut

2. Someone who likes to eat lots of food, regardless if they are fat or skinny
Amanda: All this food has to be eaten by today. God, I'm such a flut.
by Merry Pippin October 30, 2013
friend slut, someone who has too many friends
mana is such a flut!
by wengyao May 14, 2015
a flut is the mix between a girl who is a slut and a flirt with boys.
look at the girl over there

oh i heard shes a bit of a flut
by killerkit November 19, 2013
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