not attractive: a sexual turnoff.;
see mern.
That mullet is sooooo flelp.
by hottie77 May 06, 2009
Top Definition
Similar to Spelp but regional to South Florida.

When one person (or a group of people) join and make up bogus accounts just so they can review their own business favorably, or flag unfavorable reviews that legit Yelpers have written.

This term was derived by George of the Miami Yelp Flelpers

Yelper 1:
Check out the false review on this one.

Yelper 2:
FLELP! yeah, and then theres the sneaky real estate guy .. he yelps two things or one. write three word reviews and then he advertises the condos he rents, cause you know no one is buying..
by Flelper March 05, 2009
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