Abbreviation meaning Fucked For Life. Can be used to describe anyone or anything from broken objects (This is a goner) to someone who is psychologically disturbed or pathologically stupid.
"Aaron threatens to kill himself anytime a girl tries to break up with him. That kid is FFL!"
by Dana & Ang December 06, 2007
Female Flesh Lettuce. (primarily used in AIM)

This term is a description of the labia in the vulval region in the female anatomy. Examining the aroused female vulva, you will see the extended and enlarged lips. Further examining their shape, they're found to be bunched and pliable much like lettuce.
OMG LOL, I'm going to desecrate her FFL with my savory thousand island dressing. BRB ROFL LMAO!!
by Steve Steve Steve Steve June 03, 2006
F*** me, Feed me, Leave me alone. This is all men want from women and if your a man disagree-ing with this then somethings wrong with you.
i'm a man who lives by the FFL principle, thats why i married this hoe
by youlessthan3me December 24, 2010
Acronym for Fat F***ing Lie. Otherwise known as a song by the best band in the entire world, the Foo Fighters.

Get on your bikes and ride!!!!

^^as said by the rock god himeslf, Dave Grohl^^
Freshly fucked look.
She was sweaty, her hair in every direction, she really had a FFL.
by Me May 30, 2004
FFL is the arcronym for soccer player Fat Frank Lampard.
Luckily, FFL will keep lumping those shots and we'll (Liverpool) be in Athens. -Kizzak
by fadedtoblack April 19, 2007
Fucked For Life
Kenny is so FFL
by TRYANT October 16, 2015

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