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What Tiger Woods says on Chapplle's Show after the racial Draft.
I've always wanted too say this FER SHIZLE!
by GARY FU CURIZZRY February 19, 2004
68 18
(V.) slang term- "for sure; an agreement.
See also: fosho
Hey man, pass that blunt...fershizzle, my nizzle.
by Skulskit a.k.a Shady January 18, 2008
33 16
the preppy version of fo shizzlemeaning for sure
person 1: wanna hang out at the beach next week?
person 2: fer shizzle!
by maganya May 13, 2004
29 16
Exclaimation; Corrupted Ebonics/White version.

A suburban version of the common Urban phrase "fo Shizzle". Commonly used as a agreement or in astonishment.
1) That show was fer shizzle!
by Doogee March 11, 2005
18 14
For real, True, agreeing
Are you Fer Shizzle?
by africanjoe February 02, 2008
6 3
can be used instead of saying the word "cool"
Bob: The rock is soooooo big!
Devin: Fershizzle
by devin buhl February 15, 2005
24 77
Word Joshua uses when he has a brain 'fart'
Me:Joshua you stupid idiot stop poking me!
by inaliel April 18, 2005
24 81