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(F)lappy (C)unt (L)ips
Those 'wing like' structures attached to the vagina of most porn models you see these days. Believed to be stretching from too much sex or playing with themselves.
The FCL on that chick gives new meaning to stretch marks!
Who said butterfly? That FCL looks like a bald eagle!
by porn_abuser June 11, 2012
Fuckin' Christmas lights.
Wife: George, put up the FCL's.
George: Damnit.
by leafs suck December 01, 2007
Fucking cunt lickers
Dani is such a bitch; I can't stand her. In fact, she's such a FCL!
by MeNeverU April 13, 2010
holton senior lounge aka get us all fat asap w/ 75 pounds
I'm eating in the
by jota September 26, 2003
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